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Architectural and interior design

WabiSabi Studio specializes in architectural and interior design services for private clients, small businesses and cultural institutions. We will guide you throughout every stage of the project — from planning to selecting suppliers and construction managers to choosing finishing materials, furniture, accessories and other design and aesthetic element — all while staying within your budget.

Luxury private homes or villas need a design approach that implements the highest quality and sophistication into every detail while also considering the peace and quiet of the home’s surroundings.

When it comes to renovating, luxury high-rise apartments and historic homes have a lot in common with private homes.

The right design of your investment property, whether it’s for rent or for sale, can bring you a significantly higher yield.

We offer home styling design to change the look and feel of your home without needing to make any architectural changes.

Plain walls are perhaps the most dominant physical feature of any home or office, yet they are not given the attention they deserve in the design process.

At the beginning of the process of designing your office interior, we will build a clear work plan and create functional areas based on the specific details of the space.

I ran “Mishkenot Sha’ananim,” a guesthouse for artists and intellectuals in Jerusalem, for a number of years and understand both what tourists expect and the reality of running such a business in a competitive market.

Airbnb has helped popularize short term holiday rentals. Millions of travelers are now taking advantage of the unique experience of staying in a home environment rather than a hotel.

The bookstore and gift shop at the Israel Museum was first developed by Estee-Du-nour.

For several decades I worked in the field of cultural recruitment, and reserve a special place in my heart for the arts, artists and consumers of culture, young and old.

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