About WabiSabi

WabiSabi is an architectural design studio owned and operated by Estee Du-Nour. The studio specializes in the architectural and interior design of houses, flats, offices, shops, and cultural institutions. The main inspiration behind WabiSabi comes from the aesthetic tradition of Zen Buddhism in Japan, which recognizes the fleeting beauty of the physical world. Aesthetics emphasizes natural beauty, nostalgia and meaningful objects. 

Wabi-Sabi blends lifestyle home décor with the natural environment and daily flow of life in all its varied layers.

For me, home design is a process of organic thinking on the part of each resident of a home or an office. My role is to express this thought process in an architectural context, while adding my own worlds of inspiration.
When designing an investment property, office space or cultural institution, we`ll be guided by business and economic principles, as well as the flow of movement in the architectural space. But even in these types of design, an important place is reserved for tastes and desires to captivate the imagination and tap in to the spirit.

Estee Du-Nour

I entered into design after a long journey in another world, which in retrospect, contributed significantly to the work I do today. After decades of studying archeology and public policy and serving in senior positions in the world of culture, I returned to my two first loves: art and beauty. I received a strong foundation in architectural design at the Technion and continued my studies in a variety of settings to fill the gaps, learning about lighting and furniture design, building materials, and advance professional studies in construction.
Early on, I was fascinated by archeology and human culture throughout history. During archaeological excavations I was exposed to the fundamentals of architecture. At the graduate level, I studied cultural policy and later held positions in this field. I’ve worked in a variety of areas in the Arts: festival production, theater, dance, and visual arts, cultural gatherings, and musical events.
I also ran a guesthouse, called “Mishkenot Sha’ananim,” for prominent artists from around the world. As the Director of “Sal Tatarbut Artzi” (National Cultural Basket) at the Ministry of Education and on the Council for Culture and Arts Lottery, I managed culture budgets of tens of millions of shekels. I assisted with management skills and experience, allowing me to understand the big picture of design and budget management from the beginning of a process with the customer.
My career and life experience have taught me how to work closely with and understand the unique needs of a wide variety of people and personalities.

Houses from inside Jerusalem
Roughly 2,500 people visited an apartment I’ve opened for visits during “Houses from inside” in Jerusalem. The apartment, located above a building built during the British Mandate, was actually a three bedroom apartment on a roof with the lavatories in a separate building.

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